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Prof Suprakash Gupta

Professor Dr. Suprakash Gupta is Professor in Mining Enginee... View Profile

Dr Piyush Rai

Professor Mining methods (both surface and underground); Roc... View Profile

Dr B K Shrivastava

Professor Mining Machinery, Rock Mechanics and Ground Contro... View Profile

Dr N C Karmakar

Professor Mine Environment,Mine Ventilation,Mine Safety,Wate... View Profile

Dr Arrif Jamal

Professor Mining Geology, Mine Water Management and Envirome... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Sharma

Professor Professor and Head, Department of Mining Engineeri... View Profile

Prof Aarif Jamal

Professor Mining Geology and Geo-Environment; Air and Water ... View Profile

Dr S Gupta

Associate Professor Reliability Analysis,Mine Ventilation.... View Profile

Dr Gauri S Prasad Singh

Associate Professor Applied Rock Mechanics, Underground Coal Mining, N... View Profile

Dr Amrendra Kumar

Associate Professor Environmental Economic, GIS and Remote Sensing, Op... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Verma

Associate Professor Geomechanics, Slope stability and Landslide, Tunne... View Profile

Dr R P Singh

Associate Professor Mine Mechanization and Planning, Mine Environmenta... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar Palei

Associate Professor Mine Safety Engineering, Risk Management, Reliabil... View Profile

Dr Ashok Jaiswal

Associate Professor Rock Mechanics and Ground Control... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Rai

Assistant Professor Rock Mechanics and slope stability... View Profile

Dr Nawal Kishore

Assistant Professor Mine Planning, Surface Mining Operation... View Profile

Dr Tarun Verma

Assistant Professor Mine Surveying, Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmen... View Profile

Dr Suresh Sharma

Assistant Professor Rock Blasting and Fragmentation, Rock Mechanics an... View Profile