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Dr Sant Pratap Ojha

Professor ... View Profile

Dr B N Dwivedi

Professor Physics and Diagnostics of Solar EUV and X-ray Emi... View Profile

Prof Prabhakar Singh

Professor Condensed matter Physics and Material Science; Sol... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Prasad

Professor Monitoring of Crops through Microwave Remote Sensi... View Profile

Prof Debaprasad Giri

Professor Statistical Physics, Soft Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Prof O N Singh

Professor Spectroscopy, Fiber Optics.... View Profile

Dr Rakesh K Singh

Associate Professor Fundamental, Applied & Instrumentation: Classical ... View Profile

Dr Avanish Singh Parmar

Associate Professor Biophysics, Nanotechnology, Soft Condensed Matter,... View Profile

Dr Shail Upadhyay

Associate Professor Experimental Materials Science , Electroceramics... View Profile

Dr Shail Upadhyay

Associate Professor Experimental condensed matter physics, Experimenta... View Profile

Dr Praveen Chandra Pandey

Associate Professor Fiber Optics, Photonic crystals, Optical low dimen... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

Associate Professor Physics of the Sun's Atmosphere; Solar Transients ... View Profile

Dr Anita Mohan

Associate Professor Physics and Diagnostic of Solar Atmosphere, EUV ... View Profile

Dr Awaneesh Singh

Assistant Professor Statistical Physics, Soft Matter Physics: Modeling... View Profile

Dr Bidya Binay Karak

Assistant Professor Astrophysics, Stellar and Solar Physics; Magnetohy... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Singh

Assistant Professor Quantum Physics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Informati... View Profile

Dr Kul Deep Verma

Assistant Professor Asteroseismology, Stellar Astrophysics, Galactic A... View Profile

Dr Sunil Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Laser Spectroscopy, Photon upconversion and quantu... View Profile

Dr Pavan Kumar Aluri

Assistant Professor Cosmology / Cosmic Microwave background - Statisti... View Profile

Dr Shradha Mishra

Assistant Professor Condensed matter theory, soft condensed matter, st... View Profile

Dr Sunil Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor Quantum Dynamics of Spin Chains, Quantum Entanglem... View Profile

Dr Gauhar Abbas

Assistant Professor Flavour structure of the standard model, Precision... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Tripathi

Assistant Professor Ferroics, Structural Phase Transitions, Doped Quan... View Profile

Dr Swapnil Patil

Assistant Professor ARPES studies of correlated electron phenomena - h... View Profile

Dr Prasun Dutta

Assistant Professor Astronomy and Astrophysics... View Profile

Dr Somnath Nag

Assistant Professor Nuclear Physics ( Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, Nuclear ... View Profile