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Prof Indrajit Chakraborty

Professor Foundry Metallurgy, Wear of Metals, Metal-Matrix C... View Profile

Prof B Nageshwar Sharma

Professor Phase Equilibria, Phase Transformations, Computati... View Profile

Prof Sunil Mohan

Professor Professor of Metallurgy since 1 January 2009 Worki... View Profile

Prof. S. N. Ojha

Professor Metallurgical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Rajiv Kumar Mandal

Professor Materials Engineering, Synthesis and characterizat... View Profile

Prof Kamalesh Kumar Singh

Professor Extractive Metallurgy, Recycling of E-Waste, Alumi... View Profile

Dr N C Santhi Srinivas

Professor Physical/Mechanical Metallurgy-Phase Transformatio... View Profile

Dr G V S Sastry

Professor Physical Metallurgy, Rapid Solidification, Electro... View Profile

Prof Nilay Krishna Mukhopadhyay

Professor Alloy Development Composites Tribology Transport P... View Profile

Dr T R Mankhand

Professor Extractive Metallurgy, Sulphide and Oxide Reductio... View Profile

Dr Sunil Mohan

Professor Alloy Development Tribology, Composite Materials.... View Profile

Dr Rampada Manna

Associate Professor Phase Transformations, Design of Steels, Heat Trea... View Profile

Dr Jayant Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Foundry and Forge Technology, Heat and Mass Transf... View Profile

Dr Nand Kishore Prasad

Associate Professor Physical Metallurgy, Magnetic Materials, Nanomater... View Profile

Dr Chhail Kumar Behera

Associate Professor Thermodynamic Measurements of Multicomponent Syste... View Profile

Dr Girija Shankar Mohobia

Associate Professor Corrosion-Fatigue, Hot Corrosion, Iron and Steel M... View Profile

Dr Kausik Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor Fatigue and Fracture, Deformation Behaviour, Struc... View Profile

Dr Vikas Jindal

Associate Professor Computational Thermodynamics, Ab Initio Modeling o... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar Mondal

Associate Professor Mechanical Behaviour of Materials, Light Metals, A... View Profile

Dr Joysurya Basu

Associate Professor Electron Microscopy, Application of Electron Micro... View Profile

Dr Praveen Sathiyamoorthi

Assistant Professor High entropy alloys, powder metallurgy, high press... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kamble

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor in Department of Metallurgical... View Profile

Dr Sudipta Patra

Assistant Professor Stainless Steel, Industrial Processing of Metals, ... View Profile

Dr Sree Harsha Nandam

Assistant Professor Metallic glasses, Aluminum alloys, Mechanical beha... View Profile

Dr Randhir Singh

Assistant Professor Extractive/Electro-Metallurgy, Fuel Cellsand Batte... View Profile

Dr Surya Deo Yadav

Assistant Professor Development of New Steels. Modelling the Microstru... View Profile

Dr Subhasis Sinha

Assistant Professor Microstructure, Crystallographic Texture, Mechanic... View Profile

Dr Bratindranath Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials for Energy conversion, Material Char... View Profile