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Prof Kripa Sanker Tripathi

Professor Mechanisms, Vibrations... View Profile

Prof Rajnesh Tyagi

Professor Materials Development, Tribology, Composite Materi... View Profile

Prof Rakesh K Gautam

Professor Hybrid Cu-Base In-Situ Composite, Processing of Li... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Kumar

Professor Computational Mechanics(Wavelets, FEM, Meshless... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kumar Sinha

Professor Production... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Agrawal

Professor Quality Control, Six Sigma, Optimization, Industri... View Profile

Dr Satya Prakash Tewari

Professor Production Engineering,Welding And Casting,Manufac... View Profile

Prof Prashant Shukla

Professor Thermal and Fluid Sciences... View Profile

Prof Virendra Pratap Singh

Professor Solid Mechanics / Vibration... View Profile

Prof Jahar Sarkar

Professor Refrigeration, Heat Pump, Air-conditioning, Natura... View Profile

Prof Saroja Kanta Panda

Professor Fracture Mechanics, Failure and Bursting of Pipe a... View Profile

Prof Rajnesh Tyagi

Professor Materials Development, Tribology, Composite Materi... View Profile

Dr Pradyumna Ghosh

Professor Heat transfer, CFD, Nanofluids, Porous media flow,... View Profile

Prof Harsha A P

Professor Tribology, Machine design... View Profile

Prof Prabhas Bhardwaj

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Kumar

Professor Engine Tribology, Surface Contact Modelling, Surfa... View Profile

Prof Santosh Kumar

Professor Metal Forming,CAD-CAM-RP-RE-CE and Metal Forming,... View Profile

Prof Shailendra Kumar Shukla

Professor Thermal Engineering, Renewable Energy.... View Profile

Dr Om Prakash

Professor Power Engineering / Heat Transfer.... View Profile

Prof Vijay KumarĀ  Srivastava

Professor NDT of Composites, Delaminating of Fibre Composite... View Profile

Prof Arun Kant Jha

Professor Material Processing especially Forging of wrought,... View Profile

Prof Kripa Shanker

Adjunct Professor Operations Research, Production Operations Managem... View Profile

Dr Debashis Khan

Associate Professor Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Continuum Mec... View Profile

Dr Nilanjan Mallik

Associate Professor Smart Materials and Structures Including Nanostruc... View Profile

Dr Cherian Samuel

Associate Professor Supply Chain Management, Production and Operations... View Profile

Dr Arnab Sarkar

Associate Professor Wind Climate Modeling, Renewable Energy, Alternati... View Profile

Dr Jeevan Vachan Tirkey

Associate Professor Renewable Energy: LCA, Internal Combustion Engine ... View Profile

Dr Swasti Sundar Mandal

Associate Professor Therma Engineering... View Profile

Dr Om Prakash Singh

Associate Professor I did my MS and PhD from IISc, Bangalore in 2006. ... View Profile

Dr Mohd Zaheer Khan Yusufzai

Associate Professor Manufacturing Engineering, Welding Technology, New... View Profile

Dr Sharadendu Kumar Shah

Associate Professor Production Engineering... View Profile

Dr Meghanshu Vashista

Associate Professor Grinding, Machining... View Profile

Dr Amit Tyagi

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Uppu Srinivas Rao

Associate Professor Modeling and Simulation, Micro-Machining, Machinin... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Rekha Sahoo

Associate Professor IC Engine, Automobile Engineering, Combustion Tech... View Profile

Dr Laltu Chandra

Associate Professor Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow; Computation and Expe... View Profile

Dr G.M. Karthik

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing; Materials Joining... View Profile

Dr Srihari Dodla

Assistant Professor Computational Mechanics, Multiscale Material Model... View Profile

Dr Pawan Sharma

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Powder Metall... View Profile

Dr Prakash Chandra Mani

Assistant Professor Tribology and Maintenance Engineering... View Profile

Dr Dr Lakshay

Assistant Professor Optimization and applied mathematical modeling ... View Profile

Dr R Santhosh

Assistant Professor Combustion, Atomization, Sprays, and Sprays, Gasif... View Profile

Dr Amit Subhash Shedbale

Assistant Professor Damage Mechanics, Fracture, Computational Modeling... View Profile

Dr Ajinkya N Tanksale

Assistant Professor Applied Operations Research, Supply Chain Manageme... View Profile

Dr Akhilendra Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor Advanced Low Temperature Combustion; Optical Diagn... View Profile

Dr Amitesh Kumar

Assistant Professor CFD, Turbulence Modelling, High Mach Number Flows,... View Profile

Dr Anubhav Sinha

Assistant Professor Combustion and Spray... View Profile

Dr Binita Pathak

Assistant Professor Multiphase Flow, Droplet Atomisation, Microfluidic... View Profile

Dr Joy Prakash Misra

Assistant Professor Machining Science, Advanced & Hybrid Machining Pro... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Pratap

Assistant Professor Supply Chain Network Design and Modeling, Operatio... View Profile