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Prof Vishwambhar Nath Mishra

Professor Microelectronics, Microsensor, VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Meshram

Professor research interests include frequency scanning ante... View Profile

Prof Pradip Kumar Jain

Professor High Power RF / Microwave Devices, Circuits and Sy... View Profile

Prof Satyabrata Jit

Professor Prof. S. Jit joined the Department of Electronics ... View Profile

Prof Surya Pal Singh

Professor My areas of current research interests include bio... View Profile

Prof Parthasarathi Chakrabarti

Professor Microelectronics, Photonics & Optical Fiber Commun... View Profile

Dr Naveen Singh Rajput

Associate Professor Sensor Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition using... View Profile

Dr M Thottappan

Associate Professor RF and Microwave Engineering, High Power Microwave... View Profile

Dr Amritanshu Pandey

Associate Professor Optoelectronic Devices: Fabrication, Modelling and... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Microstrip Antennas, Shorted Microstrip Antenna, U... View Profile

Dr R Dwivedi

Associate Professor Microsensors, Microelectronics, VLSI Design, Photo... View Profile

Dr Ankit Arora

Assistant Professor Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Nanophotonic... View Profile

Dr Oppili Prasad L

Assistant Professor Microelectronics, Analog Integrated Circuits, Elec... View Profile

Dr Sonam Jain

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Coding Theory, MIMO, URLLC... View Profile


Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, UAV ... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Sharma

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Signal Processing, Deep Le... View Profile

Dr Atul Kumar

Assistant Professor Communication System... View Profile

Dr Kishor Sarawadekar

Assistant Professor Algorithms and architectures for image/video signa... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Digital Communication, Coding, Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Smrity Dwivedi

Assistant Professor High Power Microwave Devices, Conventional vacuum ... View Profile

Dr Sushant Mittal

Assistant Professor Semiconductor Logic And Memory Devices, Design Tec... View Profile

Dr Priya Ranjan Muduli

Assistant Professor Sparse Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Image ... View Profile

Dr Shivam Verma

Assistant Professor Spintronics, Devices and Circuits for VLSI, Non-Vo... View Profile