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Dr Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Professor Power Systems Operations and Control, Applications... View Profile

Prof Shiv Pujan Singh

Professor Smart Grid, Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS), D... View Profile

Prof Mitresh Kumar Verma

Professor Voltage Stability Studies, Applications of FACTS C... View Profile

Prof Rajendra Kumar Pandey

Professor Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Pandey, obtained his Ph. D. in E... View Profile

Prof Ranjit Mahanty

Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Prof R K Srivastava

Professor Linear Induction Motor, Electromagnetics applied t... View Profile

Prof R K Saket

Professor Reliability Engineering, Power System Reliabilit... View Profile

Dr Devender Singh

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Power Electronic Converter Topologies, Silicon Car... View Profile

Dr Kalpana Chaudhary

Associate Professor Power Electronics; Electrical Machines and Drives;... View Profile

Dr Vivek Nandan Lal

Associate Professor Modelling, Design and Control of Solar PV System, ... View Profile

Dr Soumya Ranjan Mohanty

Associate Professor Distributed Generation (DG) Power System and Smart... View Profile

Dr Sandip Ghosh

Associate Professor Associate Professor Department of Electrical Engi... View Profile

Dr Avirup Maulik

Assistant Professor Power Distribution System, Microgrids, DC Microgri... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Technologies Plasma Physics Coher... View Profile

Dr Chinmaya K A

Assistant Professor Multiphase Machines and Drives, Power Electronics,... View Profile

Dr N K Swami Naidu

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Integration to... View Profile

Dr Shyam Kamal

Assistant Professor Control Theory and Its Applications... View Profile

Dr Naveen Yalla

Assistant Professor High Power Factor Converters, Electric Viechle Cha... View Profile

Ms Sobhita Mehar

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Maria Thomas

Assistant Professor Continuous-time and Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Con... View Profile

Dr Jeewan Chandra Pandey

Assistant Professor High Voltage Engineering, Synthesis and Characteri... View Profile