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Prof Anil Kumar Tripathi

Professor Parallel/ Distributing Computing, Software Enginee... View Profile

Prof Rajeev Srivastava

Professor Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Artif... View Profile

Prof A K Agrawal

Professor Large Databases, Compliers, Automata, Real time Sy... View Profile

Prof K K Shukla

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Data Min... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Biswas

Associate Professor Data Mining, Web Mining, Social Networks, Applicat... View Profile

Dr Sukomal Pal

Associate Professor Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Text M... View Profile

Dr Ruchir Gupta

Associate Professor Peer-to-Peer Network, Social Networks, Game Theory... View Profile

Dr Ravindranath Chowdary C

Associate Professor Information Extraction, Recommender Systems, Text ... View Profile

Dr Ravi Shankar Singh

Associate Professor HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING... View Profile

Dr Hari Prabhat Gupta

Associate Professor Computer Networks, WSN, Ubiquitous Computing, and ... View Profile

Dr Amrita Chaturvedi

Assistant Professor Software Architecture and Design Patterns, Ontolog... View Profile

Dr Vinayak Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Software Engineering,Software Rengineering... View Profile

Dr O S L Bhavana

Assistant Professor Information Security... View Profile

Dr Lakshmanan Kailasam

Assistant Professor Reinforcement Learning, Optimization... View Profile

Dr Prasenjit Chanak

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT)... View Profile

Dr Tanima Dutta

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Human-Computer Int... View Profile

Dr Pratik Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Image and Video Processing, Pattern Recognition, M... View Profile

Dr Ajay Pratap

Assistant Professor IoT, Fog Computing, Design and Analysis of Algorit... View Profile

Dr Sukarn Agarwal

Assistant Professor Memory Architectures, Network on Chip Design, Ther... View Profile

Dr Mayank Swarnkar

Assistant Professor Network Security, IoT Security, Computer Networks ... View Profile