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Prof Goutam Banerjee

Professor Water and Wastewater treatment; Water Supply and W... View Profile

Prof Shyam Bihari Dwivedi

Professor Petrology, Geochemistry, Engineering Geology and G... View Profile

Prof Devendra Mohan

Professor Environmental Engineering – Air Pollution Contro... View Profile

Dr Prabhat Kumar Singh Dikshit

Professor Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering... View Profile

Dr Krishna Kant Pathak

Professor Structural Engineering – Continuum Mechanics; St... View Profile

Dr Veerendra Kumar

Professor Structural Engineering – Materials, Plastic Anal... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Kumar

Professor Area of Research: Soil Structure Interaction (SSI)... View Profile

Dr Arun Prasad

Associate Professor Working in area related to geotechnical engineerin... View Profile

Dr Sasankasekhar Mandal

Associate Professor Structural Engineering, Finite Element Analysis of... View Profile

Dr Bala Ramudu

Associate Professor Geotechnical Engineering-Critical State Soil Mecha... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar Gupta

Associate Professor Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering: Hydraul... View Profile

Dr Medha Jha

Associate Professor Hydro-Geomorphology, Hydro-geology, Engineering ge... View Profile

Dr Ankit Gupta

Associate Professor Pavement Performance Modeling, Pavement Material C... View Profile

Dr Anurag Ohri

Associate Professor Remote Sensing, GIS, Surveying, Solid Waste Manage... View Profile

Dr Pabitra Ranjan Maiti

Associate Professor Structural Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Bridge Engin... View Profile

Dr Kamlesh Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor Major Specialization: Hydraulics & Water Resources... View Profile

Dr Shishir Gaur

Assistant Professor Geoinformatics, Numerical Modeling, Optimization T... View Profile

Dr Supriya Mohanty

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, Liquefaction ... View Profile

Dr Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor Ground Improvement Techniques and Geosynthetic App... View Profile

Dr Kesheo Prasad

Assistant Professor Hydraulic Structures, Turbulent Flow , Hydrogeolog... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Saboo

Assistant Professor Pavement Materials, Pavement Evaluation, Design an... View Profile

Dr Rosalin Sahoo

Assistant Professor Shear Deformation Theories; Laminated Composites/S... View Profile

Dr Manash Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Soil Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Limit Analy... View Profile

Dr Abhisek Mudgal

Assistant Professor Vehicular Emissions and Health, Accident Analysis,... View Profile