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Prof B N Rai

Professor Air and Water Poll. Control, Transfer Processes.... View Profile

Prof K K Srivastava

Professor Process Engineering, Transfer Processes, Fluidizat... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar Verma Verma

Professor Modelling and Simulation, Multiphase Reactor Desig... View Profile

Dr A S K Sinha

Professor Reaction Engineering, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Pho... View Profile

Prof Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Professor Separation Process, Ind. Poll. and Control, Proces... View Profile

Prof Ram Prasad

Professor Chemical reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Proce... View Profile

Prof Pradeep Ahuja

Professor Modelling and Simulation, Thermodynamics and Kinet... View Profile

Prof Monoj Kumar Mondal

Professor Environmental Chemical Engineering, Mass and Heat ... View Profile

Dr. R S Singh

Professor Bioremediation of Waste Biodiesel and Biofuels CH4... View Profile

Prof Hiralal Pramanik

Professor Fuel cell –DAFC, PEMFC, URFC & Microfluidic Fuel... View Profile

Prof S N Upadhyay

Emeritus Professor ... View Profile

Dr Vijay Laxmi Yadav

Associate Professor Heat Transfer, Process Calculation, Chemical Techn... View Profile

Dr S V Singh

Associate Professor Fruit and vegetable storage and processing, Adsorp... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar

Associate Professor Interfacial Science and Technology, Mass transport... View Profile

Dr Bhawna Verma

Associate Professor Heat Transfer In Narrow Tubes; Biodiesel; Carbon M... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar

Associate Professor Industrial Pollution Abatment, Catalytic Themal Tr... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay

Associate Professor Multiphase Flows, Measurement Techniques, Novel Re... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Prasad Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Chemical Reaction Engineering, Torrefaction, Pyrol... View Profile

Dr Sweta Sharma

Assistant Professor Environmental Catalysis, Reaction Kinetics, Diesel... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Katheria

Assistant Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis, Chemical Reaction Enginee... View Profile

Dr Vijay Shinde

Assistant Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis, Reaction Kinetics and Mod... View Profile

Dr Debdip Bhandary

Assistant Professor Interfacial Science, Responsive Surfaces, Hydro-Ge... View Profile

Dr Ankur Verma

Assistant Professor Micro- and Nano-Fabrication, Colloids and Interfac... View Profile

Dr A C Mohan

Assistant Professor Process Control, Polymer Technology... View Profile

Dr Durga Prasad

Assistant Professor Process Modeling and Simulation, Process Dynamics ... View Profile

Dr Ravi P Jaiswal

Assistant Professor Solar Energy, Fabrication of Solar Cells, Wastewat... View Profile

Dr Abir Ghosh

Assistant Professor Thin Films, Adhesion-Debonding of Soft Interfaces,... View Profile

Dr Udita Uday Ghosh

Assistant Professor Area of Interest: Complex fluids, Interfacial ph... View Profile