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Prof Ram Pyare

Reader Chemistry of glasses, Ceramic Technical Analysis.... View Profile

Prof G N Agrawal

Professor Ceramic Engineering, Refractories.... View Profile

Prof S P Singh

Professor Glass Science and Technology, Ceramic Technical An... View Profile

Dr Vinay Kumar Singh

Professor Bio Ceramics, Engineering. Ceramics , Coatings and... View Profile

Prof Devendra Kumar

Professor Retired Professor IIT (BHU) Varanasi, Member Resea... View Profile

Dr Pradip Kumar Roy

Associate Professor Magnetic & ferroelectric ceramics, Size dependent ... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Associate Professor Glass Technology, Furnaces.... View Profile

Dr K K Sharma

Associate Professor Refractories, White wares, Electrical andamp; Elec... View Profile

Dr Sri Amar Nath

Associate Professor Cement Technology, Refractory Technology, Fuels Te... View Profile

Dr Kalyani Mohanta

Associate Professor Powder Processing, Fabrication of Advanced Ceramic... View Profile

Dr Preetam Singh

Associate Professor Energy Materials, Rechargeable Battery, Fuel Cells... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh Kumar Dubey

Associate Professor Piezoelectric Biomaterials, Functionally graded ma... View Profile

Dr Manas Ranjan Majhi

Associate Professor Refractory Technology, Bio Ceramics, Composite Mat... View Profile

Dr Santanu Das

Assistant Professor Synthesis and characterizations of the physical/el... View Profile

Dr Subrata Panda

Assistant Professor Our group is mainly focused on materials processin... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Imteyaz Ahmad

Assistant Professor Inorganic photovoltaic materials, Composites, Mate... View Profile

Dr Akansha Dwivedi

Assistant Professor Area of Interest: Electronics Ceramics & composi... View Profile